Top Tips for Beautiful Hands and Feet

With mid-winter breaks running people off to warm weather locales, it is time for an upgrade from rough cold weather hands and feet to beautiful vacation worthy manis and pedis. Here are some tips to remember when taking hands from heinous to healthy.

1. Exfoliate

Hands can take a real beating in the winter. In and out of cold weather and gloves can cause dry, itchy, rough skin. Using a simple scrub containing mineral salts and sugar will slough off the outer layer of dead, dry skin leaving the skin feeling and looking rejuvenated. You can make your own with sugar and olive oil, or use a product like CND Almond Moisture Scrub a few times each week to get rid of the scaly dryness.

2. Gently Groom

Ditch those medieval style implements that dig and poke your nail beds and cuticles and opt for a more gentle approach. Nail professionals like CND Cuticle Away because of its hydroxy acids to smooth built up cuticle without much mechanical intervention (picture nipper tool cutting all around your cuticle). This approach saves your hands and feet from the harshness and trauma of skin removal by tools which can sometimes cause more callous.

3. Hydrate

Winter weather depletes the air of moisture, so make sure you drink enough water, have a humidifier in your home and use a powerful moisturizer to replenish the skin’s natural oils and fats that are removed with cleansing and hot water. Resist the urge to use hot water and make certain to dry them thoroughly after cleaning. Use high-quality lotions and creams with ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E to nurture your skin back to its dewy glow. Steer clear of cheap lotions with alcohol that can dry. CND Almond Hydrating Lotion, Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment, or even pure coconut oil are great options. CND Solar Oil for your nails and cuticles are a fantastic product to keep away those painful cuticle splits and tears…keep one at your desk for a quick fix!

4. Polish and Adorn

A great manicure and pedicure not only looks great but can make you feel fabulous and put together. A high endurance polish can last a week or two, but be choosy when it comes to the method and brand. Peeling off gel polish can cause damage to the nail bed, so pick products like CND Vinylux and Shellac which are specifically formulated to maintain the integrity of the nail while promoting the benefits of long lasting wear. Clean, well-maintained nail salons using reputable products should be your number one concern for beautiful, healthy nails! For a salon finder, use for the best-trained professionals.

These simple tips will bring your hands and feet the beauty, health, and vigor they have craved all winter!