Prom Dreams Fulfilled

Dreaming of that picture perfect Prom night? Considering you already have your date lined up, outfit planned, and transportation arranged, it’s now time to layout your hair, grooming, and makeup needs.

In order to feel your best, try these top tips in preparation for Prom:

Skin should glow from head to toe:
Glowing from the inside out always makes for the best looking party-goers! Take care of your skin with good hydration (just plain old water is great) and avoid caffeine and sugar laden energy drinks that zap your gorgeous shine. Use an exfoliation for your face like Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant that is gentle and very effective, and loofah your whole bod. Add a dab of bronzer to your moisturizer or foundation to give you that special radiance. I like Kryolan Shimmering Foundation.

Every hair in place: If you are going for a perfect coif, then use Wella Perfect Me beauty balm styling lotion that adds shine, repairs, moisturizes, and tames fly-aways. Grab a travel size Sebastian Shaper for a moveable, stylable hair spray! For the handsome dudes, American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade is the best choice for a classic men’s look that lasts all night.

Nice, neat nails: You don’t have to spend red carpet runway time and money on your nails to look and feel super special. Start with evenly shaped nails with exfoliated cuticles and hydrated hands (CND Solar Oil and Lotion are my top picks). Even a homemade coconut oil and sugar scrub is a good way to smooth away rough spots that could get in the way of some serious Prom Picture hand holding. If ballerina or stiletto shaped acrylic and gel options are your thing, make sure you choose a qualified licensed nail professional to keep your hands in the best health. Clean, healthy, and neat nails are always in style for a timeless prom look!

My top tip that is so important it doesn’t have a number: enjoy the day, enjoy the process and feel dreamy!