Avoiding Bridezilla, 5 Tips on How to Enjoy the Big Day

It’s so easy not to be “that girl” on your wedding day with some good planning, but some brides make beauty planning mistakes which stress them out causing Bridezilla level reactions. Here are my top five professional beauty tips to save your sanity and those around you on your wedding day:

1. Be Yourself: The most beautiful bride is the one who is happy, comfortable and looks like herself! Save the new daring looks for another night, like a friend’s wedding, the rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party. If you are determined to look a little different from your usual, do some trial runs with casual curls if you’re normally straight or change up your part. Even a long swooping bang can be used differently on your wedding day to make it just a bit different. If you normally don’t wear much makeup, you will want to wear some basic pretty bridal tones to enhance your look in photographs. Many makeup artists are very skilled at creating beautiful, natural bridal makeup that has long endurance so you can dance all night and still look fresh.

2. Look: Look at lots of hair and makeup styles. Instagram and Pinterest have a never ending cycle of beautiful imagery. Keep in mind, some hair styles look very different on different hair colors so make sure you bring lots of options to your stylist and listen to the professional opinion. Same suggestions apply to makeup, depending on your natural skin tone or lip color, you want to have different ideas ready in order to find the perfect match.

3. Try: Schedule your trial a couple of months ahead of time, depending on your stylist’s availability. You want to have an overall consultation including when and if to change hair color or hair cut. You will be paying for a trial since you will be receiving a style and spending time with the pro that day, so make sure you budget. I recommend scheduling your hair and makeup trial for the same day as a bridal shower or other fun event so you can see how it photographs and wears all day. Make sure you bring photos of your gown so the stylist can make appropriate style suggestions according to the fashion of the dress. A good stylist will take a look at your hair style from all angles, ensuring it is balanced, making assessments and modifications throughout the service and giving their professional advice along the way.

4. Trust: Having a contract with any stylists who will be doing on-site services will help you feel confident in the communication that words and actions are in line. Making sure to confirm at least one month prior to the wedding day and following up based on the contract. Wedding season can be a busy and chaotic time, but dealing with professional stylists is important to make sure the details are not forgotten and everyone is completed on time. Hold your wedding party accountable for being on time for their services as well. Make sure you bring pictures from your trial so you and your stylist both understand the expectations!

5. Show Up: Be on time and be present! Make sure you have your documents, pictures, head piece and button up shirt or robe (so your hair and makeup isn’t disrupted after it’s done) ready the day prior. You don’t want to be scrambling and running late. Arriving early will allow you Most importantly enjoy the day, enjoy the process and feel beautiful!

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