Fall into Fabulous Hair!

Three Top Professional Tips for Changing Your Hair Color and Style from Summer Sexy to Fall Fabulous
Stacy Wells, L’esprit Academy School for Hair, Skin & Nails

With long summer days nothing but a memory, the cooler weather and the leaves have swept in, our fashion minds drift to comfy sweaters, tall boots, and wearing the colors of the season. It’s very common for clients to want to change their hair along with their wardrobe in the fall. I always warn of “Brunette Regret”…when a blonde wants to become a warm chocolate brown for fall, then immediately misses her light golden summer locks! Here are three top pro tips for gorgeous hair that you will love from season to season.

1. Go slow. If you are the adventurous type who doesn’t fear change, then by all means, jump right into that new short pixie cut or vibrant all over red color. But, for the rest of you, I recommend taking it slow. If you are thinking of a new fall inspired color try toning your highlights with a warmer blonde or a coppery red. Brunettes naturally lighten up in the summer sun, so adding a few more caramel highlights can have the gorgeous “I’ve been out at the beach all summer” look. Toning down those sun kissed streaks with a deeper hue is also a good way to move into a cooler season. If you’re a light blonde, start with deepening your base color a level or two instead of going straight to the brunette shade. It can be quite shocking for a blonde to go dark. Trust me, I have experienced that “what have I done to my pretty blonde hair?” sinking feeling. It’s a difficult process to reverse once dark color is put over light hair, so make sure you’re ready for the change. Removing color is harsh on the integrity of the hair, so adding it slowly with lowlights is a great way to introduce the change. Getting a great new haircut for fall will give you a fresh new look, but try taking the cut in stages to reduce any haircut remorse. Try cutting a few layers first or just taking a few inches off the length. Pick out several haircuts in different styles and lengths to plan your metamorphosis!
2. Replicate nature. Autumn hues are some of the prettiest. Golds, reds, and coppery orange colors look beautiful in hair. Find shades that you’re attracted to in nature and consult with your hair professional. She will guide you through the process of matching what you like in the outdoor world to your hair type and skin tone. Just because you love that gorgeous red leaf you found on the ground doesn’t mean the color will look fantastic on you! Don’t be tempted to try a dramatic color shift with a box color from the drug store. It is so important to work with a professional so your hair stays in good shape and you achieve the exact tone you want. There are many wonderful new professional products that have amazing conditioning results. Ask for INOA by L’Oreal Professionnel which is ammonia free, odor free formulation in permanent color with incredible shine or an organic color line like the award winning All-Nutrient.
3. Go temporary. Semi-permanent color will gradually wash out of your hair but give you the instant change you crave. Using a product like Redken’s Shades EQ will maintain healthy hair and allow more flexibility for future changes. Looking to take your hair to a short bob? Try pinning it up into a bob for a few days for a trial run before having your stylist take her shears to you. You can always add length with extensions, but it’s better to have the style you can live with so you don’t have to make adjustments immediately after the service. Adding a few wefts of color extensions will also help cure the seasonal change you crave without lots of commitment.

Avoid that “Brunette Regret” and other mistakes by following these three pro tips for changing your hair this season! You want to sail into the fall looking your best and not remorseful of those summertime styles. Be creative and adventurous this fall with these suggestions and fun tips! For more information visit www.lespritacademy.com or call 734-762-0200 or 248-266-8888.